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SHIP-TREND population

A representative sample of men and women aged 20 - 79 years was drawn from the central population registry using a stratified random sampling scheme with age, sex and county as strata. The SHIP-trend population largely overlaps with the SHIP-0 population.

Data Collection Event

SHIP-TREND - Mortality and Morbidity follow-up

In the mortality follow-up, annual collection of information on vital status from population registries is done. For deceased persons, death certificates are requested from the local health authorities. Two internists independently code the underlying cause of death and perform joint readings together with a third internist in cases of disagreement.

The morbidity follow-up is composed of 3 sources of information. First, two postal questionnaires on clinical events were administered to participants and events were validated by a general practitioner survey (2011-2014). Second, outpatient treatment data are obtained from the panel physicians association. Third, clinical data of SHIP participants are requested from the University Medicine Greifswald, the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians, and dentists.