Harmonization Protocol / CPTPCoreQx

CPTP Health and Risk Factor Questionnaire DataSchema

CPTP Health and Risk Factor Questionnaire DataSchema

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Studies Included

Study Population Data Collection Event
Atlantic PATH Atlantic PATH population Atlantic PATH - Pilot
BCGP BCGP population BCGP - Baseline Recruitment
CaG CaG population CaG - Baseline Recruitment
OHS OHS population OHS - Pilot Phase
TTP TTP population TTP - Follow-up

Initiatives Included


Complete - study-specific variable is the same as DataSchema variable (status = identical) or needs transformation to generate DataSchema variable (status = compatible)
Partial - categorical study-specific variable (status = proximate) or other types (status = tentative) could generate DataSchema variable but with loss of information
Impossible - study does not collect DataSchema variable (status = unavailable) or cannot be used to generate DataSchema variable (status = incompatible)
Undetermined - harmonization status not determined
Not Applicable - harmonization status is not relevant
Variable 1 2 1 2 3 1 2 1 2